ComplyIQ Client Success Stories

Learn how our clients digitally transformed their compliance processes to reduce risk, increase visibility, and seamlessly navigate the compliance landscape with ComplyIQ, powered by IGEN.

Client stories

Quality Carriers Case Study
Quality Carriers

How Quality Carriers Increased Their Filing Efficiencies by 80%

Major Convenience Store & Tobacco Distributor
Major Convenience Store

How A Major Convenience Store Cut Data Preparation and Filing down to Just One Day A Month

HTP Energy Logo
HTP Energy

How HTP Energy Went From Manually Calculating Taxes for 77.5% of Its States to Complete Real-Time Automation

CSX Transportation
CSX Transportation

How CSX Transportation Reclaims 1,888 Hours of Tax Compliance Work Annually

NGL Energy Partners Logo
NGL Crude Oil Logistics

NGL Crude Oil Logistics Optimized Excise Tax Filing Efficiencies by 50%

RB Stewart Client Story
R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products

R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products Inc. automated tax process

Global Hookah Logo
Global Hookah

How Global Hookah Took Back More Than 3 Days Every Month with Compliance Automation

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

How Kwik Trip Increased Filing Efficiencies by 75%

Buckeye logo
Buckeye Partners

Buckeye Automates Excise Tax Compliance

U.S. Energy logo
U.S. Energy

U.S. Energy Innovated Inventory Reconciliation & Controls

Global Tobacco Distributor
Global Tobacco Distributor

Global Tobacco Distributor Automates Excise Tax Compliance with IGEN

U.S. Energy logo
U.S. Energy

U.S. Energy Expands to 44 Jurisdictions

Jacobus Energy
Jacobus Energy

Jacobus Live after 3-Week Onboarding