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How Quality Carriers Increased Their Filing Efficiencies by 80%

Hours saved monthly with digital transformation
Increased filing efficiencies

Freed up capacity to work on other aspects of the business, like sales tax projects

The Problem

Quality Carriers, a nationwide bulk chemical trucking company, had one Senior Tax Accountant manually filing 24 returns monthly in 22 states and Canada.

“I was doing data manipulation and reconciliation of huge datasets in spreadsheets,” said Angel Alvarez, Senior Tax Accountant at Quality Carriers. “It was hard to guarantee accuracy and format reports uniformly.”

The monthly manual tax return tasks weighed down Alvarez's workload.

“Many newly assigned projects from leadership were delayed simply because I did not have the capacity,” reflected Alvarez. “Some projects, like the maintenance required on our sales tax accounts, faced pushback due to limited resources.”

A solution for productivity and efficiency presented itself when an acquisition occurred, and the new leadership at the parent company recommended Quality Carriers utilize IGEN to streamline its tax compliance process.

The Solution

“I was fully committed to upgrading our tax process through automation,” said Alvarez.

Quality Carriers partnered with IGEN to digitally transform their data preparation, data manipulation, and filing processes into an accurate and efficient system.

It’s been life-changing for my work,” said Alvarez. “We have these huge data sets, and I can now calculate the return in ComplyIQ, generate the efile in ComplyIQ, and send the efile directly using the ComplyIQ app in some states, like Alabama.”

Onboarding & Support

“The onboarding process was very pleasant; Peder, IGEN’s Onboarding Specialist Lead, worked with us hand-in-hand to convert our files into the ComplyIQ software,” reflects Alvarez. “The guy always had all the answers to our questions; he was very knowledgeable.”

After onboarding, IGEN’s support team was available to ensure continued excellence.

“IGEN support promptly helps me resolve any issue, even for small adjustments to the tax returns,” said Alvarez.

The Results

“Before IGEN, it took me about 30 hours to prepare and file all my monthly returns; now, it only takes me 6-8 hours,” said Alvarez.

With Digital Transformation Quality Carriers:

  • Increased filing efficiencies by 80%
  • Freed up capacity to work on other aspects of the business, such as sales tax projects
  • Transformed their manual, spreadsheet-based processes to an automatic, efficient, and precise system
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