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Does your tax compliance feel like a burden? Get out of the weeds and get back to what matters most with the only platform that serves your business across the entire compliance lifecycle.

ComplyIQ RapidFile

Indirect Tax Compliance Made Simple

Your Complete Toolkit for Tax

Tracking filings

Filing calendar

With our state-of-the-art process management workflow and dashboard, you can stay compliant, manage the workload with complete visibility, and optimize team efficiencies.

Filing calendar for tax compliance

Managing licenses

Managing licenses

Staying on top of licenses can be a huge burden, and not just for the tax team.

Meet your one-stop shop for managing licenses and certificates for compliance.

Licenses Tracked
Managing licenses for tax compliance

Preparing tax data

Preparing data

Stop spending days on data preparation each month.

ComplyIQ no-code data tools give you complete visibility into your data with a visual process flow, clean-up automation, and easy-to-use correction capabilities to ensure your data is accurate, complete, and formatted correctly.

data preparation tools

Calculating taxes

Calculating taxes

If you're not accurately calculating taxes you may be leaving the business open to risk, fines, and penalties.

We've got you covered.

Calculating taxes for compliance

Reporting & filing

Reporting & filing

Stop spending so much time trying to meet never-ending compliance deadlines. Minimize time spent on data preparation, file accurate returns, and manage audits with ease.

Reduction in Time to File
Reporting & filing for tax compliance

Reconciling data

Reconciling data

Tired of trying to find the needle in the haystack? Say hello to faster and easier data reconciliation.

Reduction in Time to Reconcile
Reconciling data for tax compliance

Defending audits

Defending audits

Prepare and manage audits with ease. Track each transaction from its introduction to ComplyIQ, all the way through to its presentation on schedules. Quickly pull all data for an audit period using our proprietary data tools.

Defending audits

Reduce filing times by 75%

Minimize the time the tax team spends researching tax rate updates, legislative changes, and updating your tax compliance system. ComplyIQ does it for you.

ComplyIQ RapidFile
Reconciling data for tax compliance

Let the tax team focus on analyzing

Tax analysts want to analyze, not deal with data preparation issues. We get it. ComplyIQ makes it easier to automate manual data tasks and skip the spreadsheets. Now tax analysts can stay focused and move strategic tax initiatives forward.

Mitigate risk & improve visibility

Reduce the risk of tax fines and penalties that arise from audits, late filings, and overpayments. With ComplyIQ, you can improve the accuracy of your indirect tax reporting, tax calculations, and license maintenance.

Data preparation tax compliance

The teams behind tax compliance

Energy Transfer Testimonial

IGEN has given us visibility into our tax returns that we didn’t previously have and has helped us save time filing our monthly taxes. With the help from IGEN, we are better prepared to add additional tax jurisdictions as Kwik Trip continues to grow and enters new states. Read the case study here.

Controller, Kwik Trip

The IGEN tool can handle a lot of different scenarios, which can be added as they come up making it easier on my team.

Pilot Flying J


We would not have been able to file our returns without IGEN. All of us have been working remotely and utilizing the IGEN platform has made everything seamless. In all of my years of being in the fuel business, I have not found a more supportive software provider. 

Director of Excise Tax, NGL Crude Logistics

Working with IGEN has been a great decision my company has made. It allows you to have complete visibility of the data flow from beginning to end. It has helped us tremendously in identifying data issues faster and makes the processes transparent for our compliance data. IGEN has empowered my team to troubleshoot data issues and identify areas of improvement with their workflow design. In addition, their support team is always ready to help in a timely manner.

Supervisor of IT Tax, Energy Transfer


Our compliance and reconciliation processes are now in one place where we can maintain our own system and troubleshoot any issues ourselves. With our previous solution we relied heavily on outside consultants and our IT group, whose timing was outside of our control. Read the case study here.

Buckeye Partners

IGEN is a truly phenomenal company comprised of talented employees with a determination to put the customer first in every situation. Out of all the tax solutions available for the excise tax field, IGEN offers a comprehensive solution that helps businesses of all sizes achieve efficiency and accuracy while taking the complexities of tax forms out of the equation. 

President, Global Hookah

The customer service I have experienced from IGEN is something I have never seen before. They have provided my team with an around-the-clock presence to answer our questions and help us through the process. Read the case study here.

U.S. Oil

How ComplyIQ Works


Comprehensive workflow management

Create repeatable workflows to mirror your unique compliance processes with our easy-to-use workflow builder and widgets.

Decision-tree transaction analysis

Calculate accurate tax rates in real-time with our best-in-class tax rate engine. Built by our team of tax compliance experts and based on your transaction data.

State-of-the-art data cleanse automation

Ensure your data is accurate, complete, and formatted correctly. Identify unexpected errors, correct those items within ComplyIQ, and create automation to resolve similar issues next time.

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Your Guide to Digital Transformation in Tax Compliance

Explore the move towards digital transformation in tax compliance, the challenges that come with automation, and discover how companies are: increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing costs, maximizing the value of the tax team, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry for greater revenue.

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