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The Problem

As a leader in mobile fueling and automated fueling stations throughout the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States, Jacobus Energy understands the importance of being able to move quickly to meet their customers’ fueling needs.

Speed came front and center when Jacobus was informed that their then-current motor fuel excise tax software provider would no longer support their filing, effective immediately.

With mandatory electronic files due in three weeks, Jacobus needed a software solution that could get implemented quickly and accurately.

The Solution

With a tight deadline and little margin for error, Jacobus selected IGEN to replace their then-current software provider with our excise tax compliance software.

Built with flexibility at its core, the IGEN solution makes the process of implementation faster and easier. The powerful data import and preparation tools allowed Jacobus to import their data in their format without the need for an IT-developed complex extract process.

By using the data directly from the source system and controlling all aspects of the data preparation process from within the IGEN system, implementation time is reduced drastically, which made IGEN a perfect fit to meet the time crunch in which the Jacobus tax team found itself.

The Results

With drag-and-drop workflow creation, our implementation team was able to work with the Jacobus Energy Tax Team to build a filing process based on the specific needs of the Jacobus business model.

The extremely flexible data import functionality within our software allowed the implementation team to use existing data extracts to populate the compliance system, thereby saving time, money, and complexity that would come with building a custom extract program.

As our implementation team worked with the Jacobus tax team to build the tax workflows, efficiencies and improvements to the process were identified and implemented.

Using our powerful data preparation tools, Jacobus was able to automate the manual activities that were done previously by their tax analysts, resulting in increased filing efficiencies of up to 75%.

Our visual workflows allowed inexperienced individuals to participate in the filing process as needed.

IGEN has allowed the Jacobus Energy tax team to:

  • Successfully file their electronic returns in less than three weeks of implementation
  • Find efficiencies in their filing process through IGEN’s workflow automation
  • Improve accuracy and visibility by using IGEN’s configurable validation rules
  • Get up and running in four jurisdictions in less than one month
  • Use the reconciliation functionality within IGEN to track and maintain cross-border fuel movements
  • Build a compliance foundation on which they have been able to add additional jurisdictions quickly
This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and is not tax advice.  For tax advice, consult your tax adviser. See the full disclaimer here.

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