Calculate taxes in real-time with indirect tax determination software

Inaccurate tax calculations can lead to costly fines and increased audits. Easily calculate excise tax and sales and use taxes in real-time with a robust indirect tax determination solution.

Connect to your existing back-office system or e-commerce platform and take control of your taxes with personalization tools that don't require IT help.


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Tax Calculation throughout the nation

Meet ComplyIQ

Your complete toolkit for reducing redundancy and risk, all while ensuring you have better visibility of tax implications across the organization.

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A New Way to Comply

Finally, a platform to help you automate tax calculation & manage your indirect taxes with ease.

Reduce time spent researching tax rates and defending audits with real-time updates for tax regulatory changes and audit trail capability

Eliminate tax overpayments and underpayments with accurate, out-of-the-box tax calculations in real-time or on-demand

Identify past overpayments and recoup tax dollars

Limit credit rebills and strain on resources due to missed tax applications

Reduce the risk of miscalculating taxes that result in costly penalties and assessments

The teams behind indirect tax determination

Calculate Excise Taxes

"Going with IGEN was the best decision. Our implementation was not easy (including multi-state, multi-product, complex tax rules), yet they hit every milestone without delay. From a customer service standpoint, they always go above and beyond. I would describe the relationship more like a strategic partnership rather than a vendor/customer relationship."

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Calculate sales, use & excise taxes with ComplyIQ

Calculate accurate taxes in real-time or on-demand. You'll be able to determine excise, sales, and use taxes using up-to-date state and local rates. Seamlessly apply tax on top of tax when applicable.

Tax determination integrations

Connect to your existing systems

Connect to most back-office systems through an API or integrate with your e-commerce platform with our pre-built integrations.

Take control of your tax determination

Quickly and easily personalize your calculations with user-friendly, transparent tools that don't require IT help. Add discounts and coupons. Apply exemptions and other contractual adjustments.

indirect tax determination

Frequently asked questions

Get Answers on ComplyIQ

ComplyIQ Tax Determination covers the wider tobacco, vape, and fuel industries, including cigarettes, other tobacco products, e-cigarettes/vapor products, gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, and related blends.

ComplyIQ Tax Determination offers excise, sales, and use tax calculation.

We're set up for all U.S federal, state and select local jurisdictions.

Our software uses an API for a web service call to most back-office systems. We also have pre-built integrations to the most commonly used e-commerce platforms including: Big Commerce, Woo Commerce and Shopify Plus. A Magento integration is coming soon.

You control the data retention in our software so you’ll have access to the complete picture for each transaction: the information that was requested from IGEN and the information that was received back to the calling system.

Yes, you'll have access to a wide array of built-in user-friendly personalization options to modify standard tax logic.

Yes, if you’re using the rest of the ComplyIQ platform, your core data can be used to supplement rate requests.

New product core data can be added to ComplyIQ by a client at any time. New-to-industry products or a new tax jurisdiction can be added by request with a 60-day notice policy.

IGEN strongly recommends clients use our e-commerce integrations. IGEN does not support externally developed e-commerce platforms and cannot guarantee speed, reliability, or conformity for client-developed integrations.

You provide a customer identifier field as part of IGEN’s API call. IGEN will look up customer licenses using the identifier and provide any exemptions based on the customer licensing. We recommend you keep your core license data up-to-date in IGEN. You can send the IGEN License Type(s) on an API call, but that requires the license types sent on the request to match the IGEN types exactly.

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Digital Transformation in Tax Compliance

Explore the move towards digital transformation in tax compliance, the challenges that come with automation, and discover how companies are: increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing costs, maximizing the value of the tax team, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry for greater revenue.

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