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Tax license search and validation for compliance

Tired of researching every license for every customer.. every month? Most excise tax compliance software requires manual effort to source, validate, and update licenses. Not with ComplyIQ.

Source and validate licenses and certificates for tax compliance more efficiently, more accurately, and more quickly with our tax license search software.

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Join teams that reduce risk, save time, and increase accuracy in compliance. Read their stories here.

Identify expiring tax licenses

License Verification Software

Source & verify licenses for tax compliance in fuel, tobacco & vapor.

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A New Way to Comply

Finally, a platform to help you search tax licenses in motor fuel, tobacco & vapor

Save time spent checking and re-checking licenses, finding federal, state, and local jurisdiction license lists, and manually searching for your customer databases

Reduce the risk of incorrect license information or expired licenses

Validate licenses for compliance before they're used in tax calculations, added to a schedule, or included on a return to improve reporting and calculating accuracy

Gain visibility into canceled, expired, and new licenses

Source & validate tax licenses from public licenses lists

Access federal, state, and local public license lists with ease. Search for companies, licenses, or states from the database using dynamic filtering. 

Source license data
Alerts for outdated licenses

Get updates from private-access license lists

View private-access license lists from jurisdictions you hold licenses for. Private license lists for each client are not shared among other clients. Learn more about our data security here.

Review and auto-apply license updates to your saved license data

Compare LicenseCheck data against your saved license information. Review reports for missing, expired, and mismatched licenses. Auto-apply changes directly in ComplyIQ TaxEngine, LicenseHub, and RapidFile.

Source and validate licenses for tax

Frequently asked questions

Get Answers on ComplyIQ

We cover licenses and certificates for fuel, tobacco, and vapor tax compliance.

Yes, you can download license data in CSV or XLSX formats for import into your existing tax compliance or back-office systems. Advanced integration for ERP & back-office systems is possible with API access.

We're set up for all U.S. federal, state, and select local jurisdictions.

Data is pulled from private-access license lists for jurisdictions your business holds licenses for. Private-access license lists for each client are not shared among other clients.

All data listed on the license is captured, including license type, FEIN, company name, expiration date, effective date, and company address.

Licenses are updated once a month within the first five business days of the month.

Yes, ComplyIQ License Verification is a dynamic, enterprise-ready CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) serverless application and web services deployed via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our support team is available during regular business hours unless specifically requested. The ComplyIQ Support Center is your one-stop shop for access to technical support and our tax experts. You'll be able to get help and see the status of your tickets. This process ensures tickets are resolved quickly, allows us to track performance, and gives you the option to provide feedback to the team.

Once you sign up, we can get you up and running almost immediately with self-registration. 

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Digital Transformation in Tax Compliance

Explore the move towards digital transformation in tax compliance, the challenges that come with automation, and discover how companies are: increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing costs, maximizing the value of the tax team, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry for greater revenue.

Your Complete Compliance Toolkit

Tracking filings

Filing calendar

With our state-of-the-art process management workflow and dashboard, you can stay compliant, manage the workload with complete visibility, and optimize team efficiencies.

Filing calendar for tax compliance

Managing licenses

Managing licenses

Staying on top of licenses can be a huge burden, and not just for the tax team.

Meet your one-stop shop for managing licenses and certificates for compliance.

Licenses Tracked
Managing licenses for tax compliance

Preparing tax data

Preparing data

Stop spending days on data preparation each month.

ComplyIQ no-code data tools give you complete visibility into your data with a visual process flow, clean-up automation, and easy-to-use correction capabilities to ensure your data is accurate, complete, and formatted correctly.

data preparation tools

Calculating taxes

Calculating taxes

If you're not accurately calculating taxes you may be leaving the business open to risk, fines, and penalties.

We've got you covered.

Calculating taxes for compliance

Reporting & filing

Reporting & filing

Stop spending so much time trying to meet never-ending compliance deadlines. Minimize time spent on data preparation, file accurate returns, and manage audits with ease.

Reduction in Time to File
Reporting & filing for tax compliance

Reconciling data

Reconciling data

Tired of trying to find the needle in the haystack? Say hello to faster and easier data reconciliation.

Reduction in Time to Reconcile
Reconciling data for tax compliance

Defending audits

Defending audits

Prepare and manage audits with ease. Track each transaction from its introduction to ComplyIQ, all the way through to its presentation on schedules. Quickly pull all data for an audit period using our proprietary data tools.

Defending audits

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