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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch customer service, we've created ComplyIQ Academy, a digital learning resource, with a growing course library of training and resources for users at all levels.

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ComplyIQ User Training

Academy Course: Let's Get Filing

Let's Get Filing!

This course is designed for someone new to IGEN and the ComplyIQ Platform. You will learn how to navigate your way through our application and use it to prepare excise tax filings.
ComplyIQ Version 24

What's New in ComplyIQ - Version 24

A quick overview and tutorial on a couple of the new features you will find in version 24 of ComplyIQ, including a complete set of release notes.
ComplyIQ Academy: Tax Determination

Core Data for Tax Determination

Learn about the core data needed to accurately determine taxes in ComplyIQ, why it's so important and how to maintain it.

Motor Fuel Industry Training

Academy Course: Motor Fuel Basics

1- Motor Fuel Basics

In this course, you will learn some of the foundational terms and concepts that will get you started with a basic understanding of how the motor fuel industry works, along with critical factors related to excise tax.

Academy Course: Motor Fuel Terminology

2 - Motor Fuel Terminology

Learn the lingo of the motor fuel industry that will help you understand different types of excise tax transactions and reporting requirements.

Academy Course: Transportation & Exchanges

3 - Transportation and Exchanges

Industry expert Bob Donnellan gets into more detail about the different modes of transportation used in the motor fuel industry and the particulars of exchange transactions.

Academy Course: Diversions

4 - Diversions

This session explains what diversions are, how they happen and why it's important to handle them properly for reporting.
Academy Course: Flash Title Transaction

5 - Flash Title Transactions

Learn about the unique nature of flash title transactions and some of the questions that may not be so easy to answer when it comes to taxing them.

Tobacco & Vape Industry Training

Academy Course: Tobacco Products

1 - Tobacco Products

Learn about the wide variety of tobacco products and some of the factors used by jurisdictions to determine taxation.
Academy Course: Tobacco Terminology

2 - Tobacco Terminology

A short session to get an understanding of the core definitions used in the tobacco industry that are key to understanding each jurisdictions excise tax rules.