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How Kwik Trip Increased Filing Efficiencies by 75%

Dependencies on IT

Accuracy & Efficiency

Increased Filing Efficiencies

The Problem

Kwik Trip, a well-known convenience store chain with 600+ locations throughout the Midwest, decided it was time to switch to a new back-office system. Changing from their home-grown accounting system meant they needed to find a new excise tax solution for their motor fuel division.

Filing with their home-grown solution was a chore.

Usability was an issue as even small changes had to go through IT.

The system wasn’t transparent – they couldn’t see all the data that was sent to jurisdictions. The tax team felt like they were filing blind.

Knowing they had to make a change, Kwik Trip was on-the-hunt for a user-friendly and transparent system. Customer service was a big concern, and they didn’t want to involve IT in small changes.

The Solution

Kwik Trip chose IGEN’s excise tax compliance software.

With complete visibility, the tax team can see how their data flows through the system.

Our low-code software lets Kwik Trip modify its logic and develop new processes without help from IT.

Best of all, our in-house support team is ready to handle any issues that pop up.

The Results

Filing used to take up to 4 days for one state. Our excise tax compliance software has reduced filing times to less than a day for each state.

Transparency throughout the system gives Kwik Trip more control during the filing process. Now they can easily see if a new supplier is showing up on returns right away.

It’s much easier to make time-sensitive changes without involving IT. When a record is missing, the tax team can quickly add it with our user-friendly tools.

IGEN has simplified the filing process. Take export schedules, for example. Kwik Trip’s team can quickly see which transactions are coming through on each schedule and make changes if necessary.

With IGEN, the Kwik Trip team can:

  • Be confident that their filings are accurate and submit returns with certainty.
  • Take control and minimize IT dependency.
  • Import data from multiple sources with ease.
  • Get quick answers from support when an issue pops up.
  • See their data as it flows through the system.
  • Gain efficiencies that have allowed them to increase filing efficiencies by 75%.
  • Spend more time on value-added activities and tasks that put pressure on the department.
This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and is not tax advice.  For tax advice, consult your tax adviser. See the full disclaimer here.

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