Gas tax by state for 2023

Gas Tax by State for 2024

State Excise Tax & Federal Motor Fuel Tax Rates

See current gas tax by state. Check out the state excise tax rates for gasoline, see federal motor fuel tax rates, and which states have the highest and lowest excise tax rates.

Plus, download our 2024 State Excise Tax Rate by Product Spreadsheet to view diesel, aviation fuel, and jet fuel tax rates for this year.

Gas Tax United States Map

Gas Tax by State

Alabama $0.29 / gallon
Alaska $0.0895 / gallon
Arizona $0.18 / gallon
Arkansas $0.247 / gallon
California $0.511 / gallon
Colorado $0.22 / gallon
Connecticut $0.25 / gallon
Delaware $0.23 / gallon
District of Columbia $0.235 / gallon
Florida $0.26325 / gallon
Georgia $0.00 / gallon
Hawaii $0.16 / gallon
Idaho $0.32/ gallon
Illinois $0.392/ gallon
Indiana $0.34 / gallon
Iowa Between $0.245 - 0.30 / gallon
Kansas $0.240 / gallon
Kentucky $0.287 / gallon
Louisiana $0.20/ gallon
Maine $0.30 / gallon
Maryland $0.271 / gallon
Massachusetts $0.24 / gallon
Michigan $0.272 / gallon
Minnesota $0.285 / gallon
Mississippi $0.18 / gallon
Missouri $0.195 / gallon
Montana $0.325 / gallon
Nebraska $0.248/ gallon
Nevada $0.23/ gallon
New Hampshire $0.222 / gallon
New Jersey $0.423 / gallon
New Mexico $0.17/ gallon
New York $0.2535/ gallon
North Carolina $0.385 / gallon
North Dakota $0.230 / gallon
Ohio $0.385 / gallon
Oklahoma $0.19 / gallon
Oregon $0.38 / gallon
Pennsylvania $0.576 / gallon
Rhode Island $0.34 / gallon
South Carolina $0.26 / gallon
South Dakota $0.28 / gallon
Tennessee $0.26 / gallon
Texas $0.20 / gallon
Utah $0.345 / gallon
Vermont $0.3201 / gallon
Virginia $0.262/ gallon
Washington $0.494 / gallon
West Virginia $0.372 / gallon
Wisconsin $0.309 / gallon
Wyoming $0.24 / gallon

This analysis is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be considered tax advice or used for calculating fuel taxes.

Reveal more rates!

Access our 2024 State Excise Tax Rate by Product Spreadsheet for a detailed overview of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, and jet fuel tax rates across all states.

This spreadsheet does not include additional state fees, inspection fees or taxes, environmental fees or taxes, collection allowances, TARE allowance, shrinkage, prepaid sales tax, sales tax, etc.

Federal Motor Fuel Taxes

The current federal motor fuel tax rates are:

Gasoline tax: $0.184 / gallon

Diesel tax: $0.244 / gallon

Aviation fuel tax: $0.194 / gallon

Jet fuel tax: $0.219 / gallon*

*Most jet fuel that is used in commercial transportation is .044/gallon

What is Motor Fuel Tax Revenue Used For?

In 2019, revenues from the transportation fund were over $44 billion.

Depending on the jurisdiction, some of the revenue from gasoline and diesel taxes can only be used for transportation related programs like improving infrastructure. Other jurisdictions allow the revenues to be added to the general fund which is used for a variety of programs.

Meanwhile revenues from aviation fuel and jet fuel taxes mainly fund airport and Air Traffic Control operations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Which State has the Highest Tax Rate?

The state with the highest tax rate on gasoline is Pennsylvania at $0.576 / gallon followed closely by California at $0.511 / gallon.

The highest tax rate on diesel is $0.741 / gallon again from Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the highest tax rate on aviation fuel is Massachusetts at $0.359 / gallon.

Finally, DC has the highest tax rate on jet fuel at $0.235 / gallon.

Which State has the Lowest Tax Rate?

The state with the lowest tax rate on gasoline is Georgia at $0.0000 / gallon since the state's governor recently suspended the tax. Alaska is the second lowest state for gas tax at $0.0895 / gallon.

The lowest tax rate on diesel is $0.0895 / gallon also from Alaska.

Oklahoma claims the lowest tax rate on aviation fuel at $0.0008 / gallon. Oklahoma also enacts the lowest tax rate on jet fuel at the same rate of $0.0008 / gallon.

Gas Taxes by State

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    This analysis is intended for informational purposes only and is not tax advice.  For tax advice, consult your tax adviser. See the full disclaimer here.