Modernized E-File for IRS Form 720

Generate Form 720 and its supporting forms and schedules in an XML format, which can be easily uploaded to the IRS website for electronic filing.

Form 720

Form 6197 - Gas Guzzler Tax

Form 6478 - Biofuel Producer Credit

Form 6627 - Environmental Taxes

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E-File Form 720 with ComplyIQ, Powered by IGEN

Your Complete Toolkit for Filing Form 720 Electronically

Finally, e-file Form 720 with a trusted industry partner, authorized by the IRS. Ready for a new way to file?

Faster processing

Immediate receipt confirmation

Submission security

Reduce errors

Streamline payment process

Improve record management

Increase Filing Efficiencies

Electronic submissions are processed more quickly than paper filings, leading to faster confirmation and quicker handling by the IRS.

Receive instant confirmation that your Form 720 has been received by the IRS, reducing uncertainty and providing peace of mind.

E-filing eliminates the need for physical paperwork, making the process simpler and more efficient. You can file from anywhere with internet access.

data preparation tools
Identify expiring tax licenses

Improve Accuracy & Security

Built-in accuracy checks in electronic filing systems help minimize mistakes, ensuring that all information is correctly reported.

Electronic filing is a secure method to submit sensitive tax information, protecting it from being lost or mishandled in transit.

Direct debit payments streamline the payment process and ensure timely settlement of your tax liabilities.

Electronic records are easier to store, manage, and retrieve, simplifying record-keeping and future reference.

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