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How to Maximize Motor Fuel Business Profits through Excise Tax Strategy

In our guide, you'll learn:

An effective excise tax strategy can be a competitive advantage. By approaching excise tax strategy and compliance with a calculated mindset, you can maximize profit for your organization.

Discover how to maximize fuel profits by:

  • Maximizing fuel collection allowance
  • Collecting TARE & Shrinkage allowance
  • Relinquishing bonds
  • Maintaining vendor and customer licenses
  • gaining a competitive edge

Download our free guide to learn several strategies your excise tax team can use to contribute to the bottom line and examples you can utilize to communicate upwards in your organization to showcase your tax team’s value.


Topics include:

State-based collection allowance table

State-based TARE & Shrinkage allowance table

Process on relinquishing bonds for your fuel business

Tips on managing license and customer licenses

how to maximize fuel profits

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